Cracking the Code on Customer Loyalty

The fallout of the On-Demand Economy has caused customer expectations to change. They can get anything they want – anytime they want it – which has forever altered how they judge your performance. In this highly entertaining and inspiring presentation, Ross will share the simple blueprint he developed to help his clients dramatically improve their customer experience scores. (EXAMPLE: one of his clients raised their JD Power scores 21 points in 90 days).



“WOW-ing Customers Doesn’t Work Anymore

We’ve all been told that we are supposed to “WOW” the customer. The WOW moments are a nice surprise (in the moment) but WOWS don’t guarantee loyalty. CSAT & CES Customer Metrics support that WOW-ing customers does NOT grow loyalty. We need to be far more aware of our POW moments. A POW moment is when the customer suffers anxiety about a possible confrontation with you. A POW moment happens when you don’t deliver on your brand promise. A POW moment is when you blame the customer for a problem. POWS are so formidable that our research shows five (5) WOW moments can be completely erased by one (1) POW.

Customer Expectations Have Been Set by Amazon.

Think about it. You will probably never have human contact with anyone at Amazon but literally everyone buys from them! People are loyal to on-demand companies because every transaction is perceived to be reliable, dependable, and friction-free. Amazon, Netflix, Apple, and Google have virtually erased all of the POW moments. Their famously friction-free experiences are so impressionable that even B2B companies are influenced by these e-commerce companies

Why Complaints are Your Friend

If you only fix customer complaints, your score will go up. If your employees can provide friction-free solutions you will regain your customer, client, and member loyalty. Ross will show your team how to seek out and eliminate the devastating POW moments.

Here’s Why POW vs. WOW Works so Well

Using the POW vs. WOW comparison is easily understood by both entry-level employees and seasoned leaders; which makes the POW vs. WOW method so simple to teach. With this system, everyone is instantly on the same page. You’ve only just heard about it, but now, you will never forget it.