LAPTOP SUPPORT: Ross brings his own Apple Macbook Pro laptop and his own RF Wireless Remote Control. He will bring the VGA and/or DVI dongle for connection to your equipment. Ross’ slides will be generated using Apple’s Keynote program.

WHAT ABOUT LOADING HIS SLIDES ON YOUR SYSTEM? Ross has proprietary material as well as some licensed video clips and pictures so he does not load his slide program on any other computers or systems.

AUDIO: A wireless lavaliere microphone is preferred. Ross also requires a COMPUTER AUDIO connection because he incorporates many embedded video clips within his program.

IMAGE: If you use Image Magnification, Ross needs one screen devoted to his slides. The slides are used as punch lines and timing effects. If you use only one screen, Ross’ slides need to be on the screen 100% of the time.

RECORDING: You may record Ross’ performance for archival purposes but you may not record Ross’ slides or his videos; either from the screen – or through the production team’s video system.

RIGHTS: The material presented by Ross Shafer is copyrighted by The Ross Shafer Company and thus owned by Ross Shafer. Therefore, public distribution of any recording is at the sole discretion of Ross Shafer.

  • Ross must get a full length DVD of anything you record (of Ross) within 30 days of the event.
  • You may not post any of Ross’ recording on a public user-generated web site like YouTube, Ebaum’s World, et al.