No More Customer Friction


This book proves that WOWING the customer is NOT the way to raise your customer scores. Ross Shafer has developed a system whereby companies achieve higher scores (and sustained loyalty) by eliminating transactional POW MOMENTS. In this book, leaders and front liners will see exactly what they need to do – and how to behave – to retain customers for life. The book is backed by case studies and actionable ideas that will reinvent your customer culture. Does it work? One of Ross’s clients (700+ employees) raised their J D Power customer experience scores 21 points in just 90 days. Every team member should read this book cover to cover. Customer Service professionals need to start training this way.

SUCCESS: It’s On You


This book is for both experienced leaders – and for young people starting out who want to be more in control of their careers. This is about reinventing your skill sets and to take full responsibility for your own direction. You have more control than you think. This book will teach you to redefine who you are and who you aren’t so you can stay at the top of your game regardless of your age.

Behave Like a Startup

Behave Like a Startup


Do you sense that complacency is creeping into your successful company? Do you find you are not as reactive as you once were? Have you lost the “industry buzz” that made you famous? If this sounds familiar you will want to know how to behave like a startup again. This book will teach you how to freshen your brand and get to market faster.

Absolutely Necessary


“Absolutely Necessary” will be a career-long resource for business leaders and team members who want to become an important contributor – a valued voice to any organization. Shafer and Burger have researched hundreds of companies to unearth those traits and strategies that makes a person valuable to a company. Readers will take away bulletproof tactics that will put them in high demand. You’ll learn how the best people premeditate their decisions so they can get buy-in from their constituents. You’ll be coached on developing marketplace peripheral vision so that you will able to spot competitors in your blind spots.You will go away with a clear understanding of which Big Data and which Digital Marketing will be the revenue engines of the future.

Grab More Market Share


In troubled times, businesses need to shake off their uncertainty and look around. Previously intimidating competitors are often hamstrung by inflexible business models and unable to accommodate shifts in the market. As consumer habits change to reflect new economic realities and cultural trends, huge chunks of the market go up for grabs. And that’s when smart companies who are paying attention can step up and “steal” their share.

Are You Relevant?


Are You Relevant? will show you how to avoid extinction and thrive in any economy by taking you inside organizations like Zappos, Nordstrom, BDA, Honeywell, Schmick’s, The Watch Man, PG&E Power, Livescribe, Hackensack University Medical Center, Fidelity Title, the U.S Navy, the U.S Army, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, the Seattle Supersoncis NBA team, SelectRemedy Staffing, The Staubach Company, Northrop Grumman, The Comedy Central TV Network, FiServ, Lucky Strikes Lanes, and so many others. Learn how they innovate and continue to confound their competition by attracting larger and larger market shares. But, more importantly, how you can, too!

The Customer Shouts Back!


The Customer Shouts Back! takes an unflinching look at the dismal state of customer service – and how to fix it. After dissecting 1,000 complaints gleaned from websites and blogs worldwide, you’ll read the comments of real customers when the transaction went badly. You’ll hear fascinating cases studies from Fortune 500 companies down to very small businesses. You will leave this book with (10) failsafe ways to start gaining and retaining lifetime customers.Ross Shafer is an Emmy winner, author of 4 business books and fourteen HR training films on customer service, leadership, and motivation. Ross is sought after keynote speaker and consultant.

Customer Empathy


Customer Empathy is far different from customer service. Customer Empathy is the art of seeing the transaction through the customer’s eyes. It’s thinking about the customer’s fears, anxiety, and trying to understand their previous transaction experiences (good and bad) before they’ve met you.

Other times that “external” customer is someone you’ve seen before – and is expecting to repeat a good experience with you.

Nobody Moved Your Cheese


How dare I challenge you to ignore the advice of your friends, your family and your loved ones? What gives me the right to encourage you to question the wisdom of relationship Diva, Dr. Laura, or the motivational maven, Tony Robbins, or even the former field general of GE, Jack Welch? Worse, how could I possibly pick on the nice man whose asked millions of people worldwide the question, “Who Moved Your Cheese?”

Because I think these so called “experts” are dead wrong about what they thing is right for YOU. Only YOU know what’s right for YOU.