Why You Must Be Accountable for Your Own Success

Who Moved My Cheese? was a popular book about how two mice dealt with catastrophic change. Ross believes that Nobody Moved Your Cheese is a more practical, real-world approach. In this high energy and hilarious keynote – perfect for setting up your opening tone – or ramping up your conference’s closing message – Ross will teach your audience that when you are the architect of your own life, you will have more time, money and happiness.


No Excuses. No Blame. No Surrender

We can no longer blame “government regulation,” “the economy” or “the competition” or “changes in management.” Focus on what you can control. Personal growth and opportunity always emerge from realizing that nobody cares more about your career and success than YOU do. Be accountable and you won’t have to wait for anybody to elevate your position in work and life.

What is More Important than Networking?

Networking can be valuable but don’t bank your career upon “who you know.” True success comes from “who knows YOU.” Become a World Class performer and you will be known as the Go-To person in your field. You will be able to transform clients into unpaid spokespeople for you and your organization. Exponential growth happens when your biggest fans insist their friends do business with you.

How Paying Attention to the Small Stuff Returns Big Rewards

Some people say, “I’m not a detail person.” Then you need to collaborate with someone who is “detailed.” Paying attention to nuances and staying “on task” leads to respect from your coworkers and allows you to become a trusted advisor to your customers/clients/patients. You’ll learn how the best-in-class organizations accomplish this feat.

The Life You Dream About is Closer Than You Think

Ross’ personal story will inspire your team members. He went from small town pet shop manager…to Emmy award winning TV host… to renowned business author and Hall of Fame Speaker. By learning to dispel self-imposed limitations, you can ‘win with what you already have.’ Ross urges you to believe in your current inventory of skills – yet redirect them to serve your new aspirations.

Blueprints Shorten Your Distance to Success

We hear many people say, “I’m NOT happy. I need to reinvent myself!” They recognize something has to change but they don’t have a plan. An idea without a plan is simply daydreaming. Ross will show you how to find an already existing blueprint for success in any profession or career.

Resilience is the Cure for Disappointment

Things will go wrong. Processes will fail. Friends may undermine you. Ross encourages you to expect disappointment and create a plan “B.” Ask anyone who is successful and they will tell you, “I was resilient in the face of failure. In fact, I needed to fail in order to take myself to a higher level.” When Ross discusses his own failures and how he overcame them (personally and professionally), you will learn how to conquer your own.