How to Future-Proof Your Company & Yourself

In this fun and enlightening Keynote, you will learn how to future-proof your company while energizing your team members. Your attendees will leave with the tools to achieve a 2-year lead on their competition. Ross encourages your audience to accept that Relevance is a moving target. Securing your growth, in this ever-evolving economy, requires the vigilance to respond to constant changes in customer (and employee) expectations. Ross unveils inspiring case studies that span the landscape of retail, manufacturing, B2B, construction, tech and healthcare.

Are You Still Relevant?


Your Future Will Remain Secure if You Always Matter to Your Teams, Your Customers, & Your Clients

Being current is far different from being relevant. Relevant means taking action to continue to matter to your constituents. What do your clients/customers want from you in 2020? How can you retain valuable employees with so many tempting job opportunities available to them? Relevant leaders are able to sustain growth because they are vigilant, fearless and can adapt more quickly than their competition.

Why We Must “Marry” Humanity with Technology

Technology will continue to drive new profits and improve complex processes. Today, our customers and clients will communicate with us via chat, email, text, social media, and web conferencing. But we cannot allow our humanity to atrophy as we embrace tech. Humanity tells a better sales/brand story. Humanity heals errors inadvertently caused by technology. Ross underscores how to integrate emotion and curiosity with your technology efforts; to make relationships “stickier.”

Adaptive & Fearless Means Being Able to Innovate Under Pressure

Your competitors stay awake at night – scheming to take you down. That kind of pressure can often paralyze your teams, making them unable to “hatch” fresh angles and processes. Ross teaches a bulletproof technique for staying ahead of your competition, while invigorating your organization to harvest an endless supply of new ideas. Professional sports teams watch countless hours of game film to spot the weaknesses of their competitors. So, we must do the same; find the flaws and foibles of our competition by harvesting business intelligence. More than ever you need to relentlessly check your blind spots to see who is gunning for your business. Ross will reveal his top five tactics.

What Challenges are YOU Facing?

Talk to Ross in a complimentary 1-hour phone call. Tell him about your company initiatives and the objectives for your meeting. You will find that Ross is instantly engaging and able to offer insight and ideas from the (18) different industries he studies to make your event fun, memorable and impactful.