Ross Shafer is available, on a limited basis, to provide insight and counsel to Senior Executives in the areas below. Ross’s twenty years of experience, advising Fortune 1000 companies, has resulted in smoother operations, more integrated cultures, kinder team relations, and improved revenue.

My Executive Speech Coaching ISN’T for Everybody

There are countless “speech coaches” who would be happy advise you on the rudiments of public speaking. To be blunt, they have not been where you and I have been. More importantly, they cannot take you where you want to go.

Have you ever wondered if you should change your personality when you get a “big” new job? Then you need to see this video.

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Whom Do I Coach? I am admittedly selective about who I coach.I am only interested in working with accomplished men and women who hunger to master the “art” of conveying more confidence and purpose in their spoken words. I don’t use the word art lightly. Since you are already successful, you know that the art of anything extraordinary should be soul deep. Being an artist is not about making money. It is about expressing your heart’s desire to achieve excellence. It is about becoming a master at a particular craft. I want to work with self styled artists who aspire to deliver a world-class performance in any setting.

Why Learn to be a Better Presenter? When you are in a position of senior leadership, your constituents expect you to convey confidence, enthusiasm, and purpose. You know how hard it was to consistently deliver the rigors of your current position. It will be my job to teach you what you don’t know about effect public communication. Then, I’ll help you leverage your current strengths is such a way that you will not change who you are…but will refine your execution.

President John F. Kennedy once said, “The only reason to give a speech is to change the world.” He understood how words and emotions are able move people to incredible achievements. As you’ll see from my credentials below, I have been a lifelong student and practitioner of this art. From my election as class Secretary in 8th grade – to Student Body President of my high school – to International Stand-up comedy champion – to Emmy® winning network TV host – and after 2,500+ keynote speeches to Fortune 1000 companies, I was inducted into the professional speakers Hall of Fame.

I have no interest in creating speaking clones. Instead, I encourage you to continue being…you. I’ll study where you are in the speaking-as-art continuum and then teach you techniques to harness your current strengths – for the purpose of motivating large and small crowds, gain the trust of gatekeepers, and garner support for your next big idea.

What do You Want to Learn?

  • How to speak with more confidence in the board room
  • Learn how to inspire team members to embrace a change in direction
  • How to persuade a tough audience during a high level pitch or presentation
  • Learn to deliver a keynote to a large audience (all hands meeting, user groups, fundraising, trade associations, etc.)
  • How to be gracious (and brief) when accepting an award
  • Learn how to be perceived as knowledgeable and self-assured in television interviews.
  • Learn how to “penetrate the screen” of a webinar or video podcast
  • How and when to use appropriate humor…and when to avoid it
  • How to execute an effective “Periscope tour” as a social media device

The Process:

  • Part One: I need to spend 4-5 hours studying a video example of you speaking to your team or giving a larger “public” presentation. The size of the “audience” doesn’t matter.  However, if you have an example of you speaking to a small audience…and another example of you speaking to a larger group… that would very helpful. I will then carefully examine how you were introduced, analyze your speaking style, assess your comfort and command level, break down how the content was organized, reconcile the exact words you’ve chosen, identify your strengths and teach you how to distract from your weaknesses, make suggestions on your use of slides and video clips, and describe how a stranger might interpret your personality and tone.
  • Part Two: I embed my written notes and add visual comments on top of your video sample so that you can use the edited video as a self-coaching tool. This is the most economical way to get started.
  • Part Three: For an additional fee, I am happy to assess your progress by doing the same analysis with your subsequent speaking videos. If you prefer, I can coach you via Skype or in person (your location or mine). I can also help you shape the content and delivery of a specific upcoming event.

The Next Step? Let’s have a personal conversation so we can talk about your desired outcomes.

Your Coach: Ross Shafer is a 6-time Emmy® award winning television broadcaster/host/writer. As a serial re-inventor, Ross has been a turnaround artist for dozens of businesses. He has written eight popular business books (Nobody Moved Your Cheese, The Customer Shouts Back, Customer Empathy, Grab More Market Share, Are You Relevant? Absolutely Necessary, Success: It’s On You, and Behave Like a Start-Up). He has been the guest speaker to 67 of the Fortune 100 companies and the conference keynote speaker for over 2,500 Fortune 1000 events. Ross was recently awarded the designation of CPAE and inducted into the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame.