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How to Stay Relevant

Ross Shafer says, “Best practices are a moving target. Relevant leaders are able to sustain growth because they can evolve and adapt more quickly than their competition.”

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“Behave Like a Start Up”
(The Cure for Creeping Complacency)

When your company first launched, did you shake the world with something new & groundbreaking? Were you the unlikely underdog?

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Success: It’s On You
(How to Advance Your Career)

Ross Shafer says, “We all want success in our careers and business…but too often we look for encouragement and validation from other people.

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Just Discovering Ross?

  • Author of (5) best-selling business books on growth, motivation, customer experience, and accountability
  • Writer/Producer of (14) Human Resource films
  • 6-Time Emmy® Award winning talk show host/comedian (FOX, USA, NBC, ABC)
  • Keynote speaker for over 2,500 events worldwide
  • National Speaker Assn. Hall of Fame recipient