WHAT WE DO: We help you find (previously unnoticed) revenue opportunities that are hiding in plain sight…like these:

  • We introduced a way for a major U.S. airline to generate an extra $1Billion dollars; using their current resources.
  • We gave a global cosmetic company practical ways to expand their digital marketing efforts by millions of viewers; at NO additional cost.
  • We showed a pet food manufacturer how to harvest customers from their competitors; resulting in $25million+
  • We unearthed a little known trend that caused a North American restaurant chain to spike revenue $5million in under 6 weeks.

…and the list goes on.

HOW WE DO IT: We have the advantage of being exposed to 200+ organizations and industries each year. So we witness best practices, marketing windfalls, and innovations that you might never see. Then, we filter the most relevant ideas - and apply them to your organization.

WE CAN COACH YOUR TEAM: We also hold periodic day-long workshops to teach your team how to use peripheral thinking to generate innovative solutions.


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...and about 1,400 others.
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Ross describes the innovations (and attitudes) necessary for leaders to stay relevant to their customers/ clients, B2B partners, and employees. Savvy organizations are leveraging "the recovery" to spike growth during this next phase. Make sure you're one of them.

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Short attention spans, ubiquitous broadband and over 1-Billion smart devices have not only changed the pace of disseminating information, but it has allowed our time-starved society to expect their every desire to be within grasp, “On-Demand.”

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We can no longer blame the recession - or management - or the competition. It is time to take personal responsibility and accountability for our performance; in all economic climates. Leadership needs to remind the sales and support teams, "You are the leading expert on you."

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