You Sustain Success When You Matter to Your
Customers & Your Teams

Through our keynote speeches, workshops, and personal coaching we guide leaders and team members re: what organizational behaviors and tactics work today – and how to build a cultural foundation for growth in the future.

How to Stay Relevant

Ross Shafer says, “Best practices are a moving target. Relevant leaders are able to sustain growth because they can evolve and adapt more quickly than their competition.”

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Accelerate Your Destiny

Ross Shafer asks, “Are you still trying to figure out your place the world?” “Are you impatient about making your dreams come true?” Ross can show you how to accelerate your destiny.

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Customer Engagement Evolves

Ross Shafer says, “The customer has the power to make you rich or destroy you. They always get what they want…and if not from you…they can easily find it from someone else.

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Just Discovering Ross?

  • Author of (5) best-selling business books on growth, motivation, customer experience, and accountability
  • Writer/Producer of (14) Human Resource films
  • 6-Time Emmy® Award winning talk show host/comedian (FOX, USA, NBC, ABC)
  • Keynote speaker for over 2,500 events worldwide
  • National Speaker Assn. Hall of Fame recipient